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Intermediate B1+
New Business Matters WorkbookBritish English
Series: New Business Matters
Author: Powell, M, Martinez, R & Jillett, R
Publisher: Heinle
Format: Paperback
ISBN-10: 0759398593
ISBN-13: 9780759398597
Publication Date: 2004
Price: £12.50
Availability: In Stock In Stock
Level: B1+ Intermediate
Description: NEW BUSINESS MATTERS is a stimulating language course for students of business English. Its unique lexical syllabus precisely identifies what business students need to learn in order to increase their understanding, fluency, and communicative power in English. Each unit is based on a specially written article, rich in the language of company life, followed by language activities which ensure that learners engage with the language and interact with each other.

Features :
Thoroughly updated units plus four entirely new units reflect changes in the global business world.

Each unit contains Reading, Language Focus, Discussion Topics, and Fluency Activities.

Workbook includes exam-style exercises to help students prepare for the BEC Vantage exam.

British English
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