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Macmillan School DictionaryBritish English
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Author: Macmillan
Publisher: Macmillan Education
Format: Paperback
ISBN-10: 1405013427
ISBN-13: 9781405013420
Publication Date: 2005
Discounted Price: £15.22    (Recommended UK Price £20.30)
Availability: In Stock In Stock (1)
Level: B1+ Intermediate
Description: A two-colour dictionary for intermediate level students whose curriculum subjects are taught through the medium of English.The CD-ROM and website won the English Speaking Union President's Award in 2004.

Strong curriculum content
Special emphasis on school subject vocabulary
Subject-specific words highlighted throughout
Word selection based on the 200 million-word World English Corpus supplemented with words taken from curriculum coursebooks
Helpful reference section containing information on the periodic table, irregular verbs, pronunciation, geographical names and nationalities, and expressions using numbers
Informative two-colour illustrations relating to curriculum content.
Language help

Information on grammar patterns, collocations, phrases and phrasal verbs
Helpful example sentences based on real-life English
Hundreds of synonyms and antonyms
Information on spelling with inflections for irregular and semi-regular verbs, adjectives and nouns
Special help boxes on word families, synonym sets and vocabulary building.
Ease of use

Clear layout
Clear, simple definitions using a restricted defining vocabulary
Menus for words with five or more meanings for easy navigation.

British English
Macmillan School Dictionary
  (Recommended UK Price £20.30)  Discount: 25%  
 £15.22   Qty RU 9781405013420 
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