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50 Fifty Ways to Improve your Business English Using the Internet . . .without Too Much Effort!British English
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Series: 50 Fifty Ways to Improve your
Author: Baber, E
Publisher: Summertown Publishing
Format: Paperback
ISBN-10: 1902741897
ISBN-13: 9781902741895
Publication Date: 2007
Price: £25.00
Availability: In Stock In Stock (Only 1 Left)
Level: B1+ Intermediate to C1 Advanced
Description: Provides a range of quick and easy ways to enhance your business English skills by using the Internet, and offers guidance in the use of English when communicating online.

Key Features
The book contains a mixture of learning activities that suit different learning styles which allows the learner to concentrate on those exercises and approaches which work best for them. The contents have been selected on the basis of current market research.

Who is it for
Can be used as a self-study manual for business people who:
have English as their second language
need English in their work
regularly buser the internet for business and/or social purposes
have little time for study, and would particularly like to focus on extending their linguistic skills online

British English
 £25.00   Qty O/P 9781902741826 
Business English Using the Internet . . .without Too Much Effort!  
 £25.00   Qty O/P 9781902741895 
 £25.00   Qty O/P 9781905992065 
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