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New English File Culture Link with Audio CD & DVD (Pre-Intermediate - Intermediate)British English
Series: New English File Pre-Intermediate
Author: Fitzgerald, Donatella & Harraway, Rachel
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780194595964
Publication Date: 2011
Price: £18.00
Availability: In Stock In Stock
Description: New English File Culture Link enables teachers to integrate their language teaching with topics covering Culture and CLIL. The lessons are designed to act as a springboard for discussing current affairs and social issues in class, enlivening the English language lesson.

It also gives the teacher the opportunity to create learning units based around broader themes, such as travel, road safety, the environment, and entertainment, and to assign projects to students for further research into the topic.

New English File Culture Link can also be used as extensions of the topics and language syllabus of New English File Pre-intermediate and New English File Intermediate. These 27 easy-to-use, self-contained lessons focus on the following areas:
Culture: Exploring aspects of the English-speaking world and youth culture.
CLIL: Presenting a variety of interdisciplinary topics.
DVD: New DVD contains seven authentic interviews to be used alongside video worksheets and selected Culture and CLIL lessons.

Each lesson focuses on developing the four language skills, through activities such as Reading and Speaking or Listening and Speaking. There is also a 'what do you think?' section where the students are encouraged to offer their opinions, and these form the basis of discussions. The lessons end with a project where students can do further research into the topic through a series of guided activities.
• Level B1-B2
• Free audio CD for the student with listening activities and all of the reading passages
• Teacher's notes and tapescripts available on the New English File website / englishfile
• Topics suitable for Trinity and Cambridge ESOL exam preparation

British English
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New English File Culture Link with Audio CD & DVD (Pre-Intermediate - Intermediate)  
  £18.00  Qty In Stock 9780194595964 
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