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Code Red B2 - Macmillan Practice Online Access Code (One Year from First Use)British English
Series: Code
Publisher: Macmillan Education
Format: Internet Access Code
ISBN: 9780230751576
Price: £12.00
Availability: In Stock In Stock
Level: B2 Upper Intermediate
Description: Level: B2 / Upper Intermediate
This is a new and lively course for teenagers. It aims to build up their general English skills while gently easing them into more tailored PET and FCE exam practice. The clear yet integrated approach develops reading, writing, listening and speaking skills whilst there is systematic build-up of topic-based lexis and lexico-grammar.
The topic-based units cover general topics common to international exams, but these are approached in a way that is appropriate to the experience and interest of the target age group.

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CODE RED B2 Components
British English
 £22.30   Qty In Stock 9789604473137 
 £13.30   Qty In Stock 9789604473410 
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- Macmillan Practice Online Access Code (One Year from First Use)  
 £12.00   Qty In Stock 9780230751576 
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