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ESOL Activities Entry 2British English
Series: ESOL Activities
Author: Boyd, E
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780521712392
Publication Date: 2008
Price: £37.70
Availability: In Stock In Stock
Description: A collection of photocopiable activities specially written for ESOL teachers, based on and clearly referenced to the Adult ESOL Core Curriculum. Adapting traditional materials to make them relevant for your ESOL lessons takes precious time and considerable effort. ESOL Activities takes the hard work out of lesson preparation with a selection of activities based on, and clearly referenced to, the Adult ESOL Core Curriculum.

Written by experienced ESOL teachers, each volume offers carefully selected skills activities ideal for students of general ESOL courses in the UK and Ireland, as well as learners preparing for the UK Skills for Life examinations, ESOL for Work examinations and government citizenship tests.

Each of the activities is free-standing, and comprehensive teacher's notes give a clear indication of the preparation required, as well as suggestions for adapting the tasks for different learning abilities. There are also self-study exercises linked to every activity, which are perfect for use as ready-made homework tasks.

This volume is suitable for Entry Level 2.

British English
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Entry 2  
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