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Listen Very Carefully Audio CD & CD-ROMBritish English
Out of Print (No Longer Available)
1 copy left in stock

Author: Brierley, Clarice
Publisher: Language Post
Format: CD-ROM
ISBN: 9780954602390
Publication Date: 2007
Price: £40.00
Availability: In Stock In Stock (Only 1 Left)
Level: B1+ Intermediate
Description: A data and an audio CD to help Entry 1-2 ESOL students listen for detail. There are tasks to hear prices, times, names, messages, announcements and personal details. The easiest tasks require the student to simply tick a box. Slightly harder tasks require the student to note what they hear. The audio CD uses four voices with slight UK regional accents. The data CD has the print exercises which can be printed off as needed or assembled into a photocopiable A4 book.

Audio and print material can be copied freely by purchasers.

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