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Primary RBT The Internet and Young Learners

Primary RBT The Internet and Young Learners ISBN: 9780194421829
British English

Primary RBT The Internet and Young Learners

Series: Primary Resource Books for Teachers
Author: Lewis, Gordon
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780194421829
Publication Date: 2004
Level: A1 Beginner to B1 Pre-Intermediate
Publishers' UK Price: £30.20
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This book combines Internet resources with structured classroom activities to maximize learning potential. The activities are firmly anchored in children's experiences and include purposeful tasks with a clear language component.

Key features
Organized according to topic area, and within each area by web search, communication, and web creation activities.
Gives guidance in creating a class website.
Promotes communication with other classes around the world.
The companion websi....
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te ( provides regular updates to the information and ideas in the book.
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PRIMARY RBT - components

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