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British English

Primary Grammar Box

British English

Primary Grammar Box

Series: Cambridge Copy Collection
Author: Nixon, C & Tomlinson, M
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780521009638
Publication Date: 2003
Availability: In Stock In Stock
Level: A1 Beginner to B1+ Intermediate
Price: £49.99
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Over 50 games and activities including puzzles, games, crosswords and other task-based activities.

Packed with more than 50 games and activities to make learning grammar fun for children. The book includes puzzles, games, crosswords and other task-based activities.
1.1 Noun Bingo; 1.2 Card drills; 1.3 Fashion parade; 1.4 Broken sentences; 1.5 Hide and seek; 1.6 The animal train; 1.7 Sentence scramble; 1.8 Peter Potato Face; 1.9 Animal jumble; 1.10 Toys; 1.11 What's the time?; 1.12 Look what we can do!; 1.13 What's happening?; 1.14 My new kitten; 1.15 Pairs of squares; 2.1 Food and drink dominoes; 2.2 The Brillmobile; 2.3 Action charades; 2.4 Story jigsaw; 2.5 Pairs of squares; 2.6 A question of taste; 2.7 Johnny's birthday list; 2.8 Present Bingo; 2.9 Wher....
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e are they sitting?; 2.10 You read, I write ; 2.11 Sentence walkabout; 2.12 What do we use?; 2.13 Where were they?; 2.14 Party time; 2.15 Grammargram; 3.1 Did he or didn't he?; 3.2 Three friends; 3.3 A-Z; 3.4 The Bingo habit; 3.5 What are they going to do?; 3.6 Comparatively correct; 3.7 Weather report; 3.8 Irregular verb checklist; 3.9 Who went where?; 3.10 Broken words; 3.11 Exhilarating auxiliaries; 3.12 Grammingle; 3.13 Read all about it!; 3.14 Film frenzy; 3.15 King Arthur; Crosswords; 1 Plurals; 2 I, me, my ...; 3 A day in the life ...; 4 Adjectives; 5 The grammar crossword; 6 Past simple half crossword; 7 Irregular past ; 8 Mixed tenses.
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