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British English

Advanced Skills Book with Audio CD

British English

Advanced Skills Book with Audio CD

Series: Cambridge Copy Collection
Author: Haines, S
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780521608480
Publication Date: 2006
Level: C1 Advanced
Publishers' UK Price: £54.99  (£53.91 + £1.08 VAT) £53.91
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Advanced Skills is a must-have collection of photocopiable activities for advanced level students. Each activity includes one to three photocopiable pages for students and step-by-step teacher's notes that allow busy teachers to slot these materials into any lesson and use along any coursebook with minimum preparation.

The book contains a wealth of authentic material and realistic tasks that engage students and develop all four skills simultaneously. It explores popular topics from origin....
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al angles keeping students motivated and making learning fun.

This resource book comes with an Audio CD to support the listening activities. The recordings offer a range of genres from radio and television broadcasts to political speeches and conversational dialogues, exposing students to a range of accents.

Finally, the book includes many tasks which could be used as extra practice material with students preparing for the main Cambridge exams (CAE, CPE, IELTS).
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Section 1. Reading: 1. Dreams: new country, new life

2. Technology: beware technology!

3. Work-life balance: women at the top

4. Relationships: love contracts

5. Futures: the post-human era

6. Emotions: the pursuit of happiness

7. Rights and wrongs: don't copy - it's cheating!

8. Narratives: a pistol shot

9. The unexpected: what a coincidence!

Section 2. Listening: 1. Dreams: my achievements....
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2. Technology: what does technology mean to you?

3. Work-life balance: go for it!

4. Relationships: best friends

5. Futures: say what you mean and mean what you say

6. Emotions: what makes you see red?

7. Rights and wrongs: sorry!

8. Narratives: first impressions

9. The unexpected: men's work?

3. Speaking

1. Dreams: a view of the future

2. Technology: technology and fraud

3. Work-life balance: are you a workaholic?

4. Relationships: are you the oldest, the youngest or in the middle?

5. Futures: life chances

6. Emotions: charity begins at home

7. Rights and wrongs: tough choices

8. Narratives: magic moments

9. The unexpected: it's just an illusion

Section 4. Writing: 1. Dreams: dream on!

2. Technology: are you a slave to your mobile

3. Work-life balance: the right person for the job

4. Relationships: can I help you?

5. Futures: life behind bars

6. Emotions: a cry for help

7. Rights and wrongs: traffic calming

8. Narratives: unforgettable!

9. The unexpected: we smoke less but surf more

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