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British English

Dictionary of Medical Terms

Dictionary of Medical Terms ISBN: 9780713676037
British English

Dictionary of Medical Terms

Publisher: A & C Black
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780713676037
Publication Date: 2005
Level: B1+ Intermediate to C1 Advanced
Publishers' UK Price: £11.99
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This fully revised edition of the bestselling Dictionary of Medical Terms now includes over 12,500 terms from British and international medical practice, explained in clear, simple English. It covers fields such as surgery, general practice, hospitals, clinics, nursing, pharmacy, dentistry and other specialisms, and includes example sentences for each entry, together with grammar notes and parts of speech.

As well as technical language it also includes informal terms of the kind used be....
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tween professionals or professionals and patients. It is an indispensable practical reference for interns, nurses or trainees in any medical field and its clear explanations make it ideal for professionals learning English for Medicine, for A-Level and undergraduate students, and for home reference.
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DICTIONARY OF - components

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