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British English

Numerous Humourous Sketches 1 with Audio CD

Numerous Humourous Sketches 1 with Audio CD ISBN: 9781905231157
British English

Numerous Humourous Sketches 1 with Audio CD

Author: Pagnin, M
Publisher: Brain Friendly Publications
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781905231157
Publication Date: 2006
Level: A1 Beginner
Publishers' UK Price: £18.30
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Photocopiable resource to introduce, recycle, practice and test vocabulary at Elementary level for 8 - 12 year olds. We have also found this book very useful for older students who are initially shy of joining in conversations.

These sketches are performed as a group to encourage participation, improve diction, understand the rhythm of the language, and hear accurate pronunciation of words and phrases.

Book 1 is the first of 2 books

Twenty classroom sketches

Teaching ....
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notes provide grammar detail for each sketch & creative ways to promote interest, assemble props and commit vocabulary to long-term memory.

Provides young beginners with lots of fun performing to a script in English.

Situations are relevant to alert youngsters. Each sketch is short and can be accomplished during a normal lesson.

Sketches are designed to help students with intonation, pronunciation, pace, sound and rhythm of spoken language.

Designed for teaching at Council of Europe language level CEF - A1. Where CEF is Common European Framework.
Each sketch is self-contained and is designed to be photocopied for immediate use.

Each sketch has been recorded to allow the students to hear the sketch in full and their own part in particular. Audio CD is attached to the book.

Wonderful lively illustrations
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1 with Audio CD
2 with Audio CD 9781905231164£18.309781905231164
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