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British English

Lighthouse 3 iSolutions

Lighthouse 3 iSolutions ISBN: 8431300124851
British English

Lighthouse 3 iSolutions

Series: Lighthouse
Author: Downie, Michael et al
Publisher: Richmond Publishing
Format: CD-ROM
ISBN: 8431300124851
Publication Date: 2011
Level: B1 Pre-Intermediate
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Just as a real lighthouse guides ships on their journeys, so the brand new six-level Lighthouse course aims to guide primary students through the sometimes rough seas of their journey to learn English. It seamlessly integrates modern language teaching practices with traditional classroom needs and helps students successfully navigate through the four skills to be able to use English in real life.

• Structural grammatical-based programme combined with a functional syllabus
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• Frequent pair and group work activities
• Easy to follow self-evaluation for students at the end of each unit plus a family project
• Variety of dynamic materials and activities, including songs, chants, stickers, games and craft projects
• Promotes universal values and celebrates cultural difference
• Guided activities for developing writing skills
• Pictionary for all new vocabulary
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LIGHTHOUSE 3 & 4 - components

British English


Student's Book with Audio CD & Stickers 97884668146769788466814676
Activity Book & Grammar Workbook 97884668146839788466814683
Teacher's Book 97884668146909788466814690
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Class Audio CD 84313001248378431300124837
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iSolutions 84313001249128431300124912
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