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British English

Oxford Academic Vocabulary Practice Lower-Intermediate B1 with Answer Key

Oxford Academic Vocabulary Practice Lower-Intermediate B1 with Answer Key ISBN: 9780194000888
British English

Oxford Academic Vocabulary Practice Lower-Intermediate B1 with Answer Key

Series: Oxford Academic Vocabulary Practice
Author: Moore, Julie & Storton, Richard
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780194000888
Publication Date: 2017
Level: B1 Pre-Intermediate
Publishers' UK Price: £20.00
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Vocabulary practice activities help you learn the key words you need to use when studying any academic subject in English at university level.

The academic vocabulary covered by the series is sourced from the Academic Word List, and the Oxford Corpus of Academic English. The Corpus is an 85-million-word corpus of academic sources, developed by Oxford University Press, the world's authority on the English language. The Corpus shows how words are used across the four main subject areas of p....
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hysical sciences, life sciences, social sciences, and humanities.

Key Features:
• Activities to improve your writing in key areas such as evaluating ideas, explaining concepts and expressing opinions
• Section 1 focuses on Vocabulary Skills (Units 1-7)
• Covers 650 key words, with opportunities to practise words more than once
• Authentic texts, showing how the words are used in academic writing
• Highlighting of words from the Academic Word List
• 650-word glossary with definitions and phonetics for all keywords
• Useful reference sections on collocations, affixes and dependent prepositions
• Complete answer key to all exercises for self-study
• More practice exercises and short writing tasks available at
• Also available: Oxford Learner's Dictionary of Academic English (print and app) and Oxford Grammar for EAP
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Section 1 Vocabulary Skills
Unit 1: Learning vocabulary
Unit 2: Nouns and adjectives
Unit 3: Verbs and adverbs
Unit 4: Word formation
Unit 5: Collocation
Unit 6: Patterns and structures
Unit 7: Academic language

Section 2 Academic Life
Unit 8: Academic study
Unit 9: Arts and social sciences
Unit 10: Sciences
Unit 11: Academic writing
Unit 12: Academic reading
Unit 13: Academic speaking and listening
Unit 14: Learning and technology
Review 1: Un....
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its 8-15

Section 3 Description
Unit 15: Structure
Unit 16: Processes
Unit 17: Time
Unit 18: Place
Unit 19: People and groups
Unit 20: Quantity
Unit 21: Statistics
Unit 22: Trends
Unit 23: Change
Review 2: Units 15-23

Section 4 Analysis and evaluation
Unit 24: Cause and effect
Unit 25: Similarities and differences
Unit 26: Problems and solutions
Unit 27: information and evidence
Unit 28: Research
Unit 29: Opinions
Unit 30: Theory
Unit 31: Positive evaluation
Unit 32: Negative evaluation
Review 3: Units 24-32

Section 5 Functions in academic writing
Unit 33: Emphasis
Unit 34: Hedging
Unit 35: Citation
Unit 36: Linking 1
Unit 37 Linking 2
Review 4: Units 33-37

Section 6 Disciplines
Unit 38: Business
Unit 39: Evidence
Unit 40: Technology
Unit 41: Environmental science
Unit 42: Social science
Unit 43 Medicine
Unit 44: Law
Unit 45: Politics
Review 5 Unites 38-45

Language reference
Answer key
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Lower-Intermediate B1 with Answer Key
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