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British English

Headway (5th Edition) Intermediate Student's Book with Student's Resource Centre

Headway (5th Edition) Intermediate Student's Book with Student's Resource Centre ISBN: 9780194529150
British English

Headway (5th Edition) Intermediate Student's Book with Student's Resource Centre

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Series: Headway (5th Edition)
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780194529150
Publication Date: 2018
Availability: In Stock In Stock (26)
Level: B1+ Intermediate
Price: £34.72  (£33.60 + £1.12 VAT) £33.60
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Updated with new texts, topics and themes, Headway 5th edition provides fresh and relevant English instruction that is tailored to your students' needs.

Headway 5th edition provides fresh, relevant English instruction needed for success today.

Headway and its award-winning authors, Liz and John Soars, are names that have become synonymous with English Language Teaching and learning. Teach with Headway's perfectly-balanced grammar and skills syllabus, based on the course's world-ren....
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owned methodology.

Headway 5th edition retains the course's trusted methodology and has been updated with new texts, topics and digital resources.

Key Features:

• Teach practical, real life English that is relevant to your students' lives with new topics and themes grounded in today's reality.

• Bring unit topics to life with the new unit opener page which include inspiring photographs and accompanying video introductions engage students with the unit topic.

• Download and adapt material for your students with the Teacher's Resource Centre which provides all your Headway resources, stored in one place to save you time.

• Students can look again at activities from previous lessons, do extra skills practice, and check their progress with instant feedback.

Its balanced methodology of vocabulary, grammar and integrated skills provides the right level of challenge for students.

Headway 5th edition listens to feedback from teachers and focusses on topics and activities that are relevant and useful to today's adult students, whilst retaining the trusted methodology teachers love.

Combining practical, real life content for today's students with flexible digital resources that are clearly linked to the Headway syllabus, the course ensures students are engaged and motivated for success.
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Student's Book with Student's Resource Centre
£34.72 V£33.60OS9780194529150
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What is a MultiPACK? It is the 1st or 2nd Half of the Student's Book bound with the relevant Half of the Workbook. Ideal for Short Courses.