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Oxford English for Careers: Finance 1 Student's Book

Oxford English for Careers: Finance 1 Student's Book ISBN: 9780194569934
British English

Oxford English for Careers: Finance 1 Student's Book

Series: Oxford English for Careers
Author: Clark, Richard & Baker, David
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780194569934
Publication Date: 2011
Level: B1+ Intermediate
Publishers' UK Price: £32.40
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Finance 1 is suitable for intermediate students studying for a career in the financial industries. Finance 1 gives students the language, information, and skills they will need for a career in these industries, and the preparation required to pass the ICFE exam (Discontinued from December 2016). The Reading Bank in the middle of the book provides practice in reading and vocabulary skills, using questions in a similar format to the Test of Reading in the ICFE. The Webquest in each unit is a short....
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, practical internet-based task for students to do in class time, or longer more involved tasks to do outside the classroom. Webquest tasks can be linked to other sections in the unit, and range from a simple internet research project, to an instruction to interview someone in their native language, and then write up a summary in English. The 'Professional Skills' feature in each unit covers a range of skills, including making presentations and negotiating, and addresses subjects such as professional ethics in the financial industries. The course supports teachers in the vocational teaching situation, providing them with specialist background information for the industry.

Key Features:
• Authentic and up-to date information in every unit, written and checked by finance industry insiders
• Topic-based syllabus, covering a range of subjects such as banking, stock markets, and company internal finance
• Teaches English in context, so students practise the language and skills they need for the job in real work situations
• Real-world profiles from genuine professionals in the 'It's my job' section offer authentic and engaging insights into the finance industry
• Extra facts, figures, quotations, and specialist terminology included in the top margin of unit pages
• The Teacher's Resource Book provides specialist background to the industry for every unit, as well as industry tips to support non-expert teachers
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