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Basic English for Computing (New Edition) Teacher's Book

Basic English for Computing (New Edition) Teacher's Book ISBN: 9780194574716
British English

Basic English for Computing (New Edition) Teacher's Book

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Series: Basic English for Computing
Author: Glendinning, E & McEwan, J
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780194574716
Publication Date: 2003
Availability: In Stock In Stock (Only 2 Left)
Level: A2 Elementary
Price: £24.50
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Basic English for Computing is suitable for students at elementary to pre-intermediate level who need to upgrade their knowledge of English in a professional context. It is intended for use in universities, colleges and technical schools or on in-house training programmes.

28 topic based units cover key areas such as computer uses and applications, networks, the internet, multimedia, programming, and future trends. Five 'interview' units focus on different types of work, from computing st....
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udent to systems manager. Key language and vocabulary is presented via a range of authentic contexts and the four skills are developed in areas of practical use in professional situations.
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(New Edition) Student's Book 9780194574709£24.90In Stock9780194574709
(New Edition) Teacher's Book
(New Edition) Audio CD 9780194574730£33.00 V£27.50In Stock9780194574730
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