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British English

English for Presentations Student's Book with MultiROM

English for Presentations Student's Book with MultiROM ISBN: 9780194579360
British English

English for Presentations Student's Book with MultiROM

Out of Print (No Longer Available)
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Series: Express Series
Author: Grussendorf, M
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780194579360
Publication Date: 2007
Availability: In Stock In Stock (Only 1 Left)
Level: B1 Pre-Intermediate
Price: £28.50
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English for Presentations is part of the EXPRESS SERIES. It is the ideal quick course for professionals who need to give presentations in English. It can be used to supplement a regular coursebook, on its own, as a stand-alone intensive specialist course of for self-study.

Key Features of the Book
• A wide range of material targeting the stages of presentations
• Tip boxes addressing key language points, useful phrases and strategies
• Opportunities to practise giv....
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ing presentations
• STARTER section at the beginning of each unit with warm-up and awareness-raising activities
• OUTPUT section at the end of each unit with activities to encourage discussion and reflection
• Appendix including an answer key, transcript, A-Z word list and a glossary of useful phrases and vocabulary

Key Features of the MultiROM
• Realistic listening extracts from presentations
• Interactive exercises to practise the language of presentations
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