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Stretch 3 Workbook

Stretch 3 Workbook ISBN: 9780194603263
American English

Stretch 3 Workbook

Series: Stretch
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780194603263
Publication Date: 2014
Level: B1+ Intermediate
Publishers' UK Price: £16.60
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When you stretch to reach new goals, you need support. Stretch provides a comprehensive support system and a unique 6 skills approach to help students meet their personal, academic and professional goals.

Stretch is a four-level integrated skills course that supports students to reach their full potential.

In addition to explicit and supportive instruction in listening, speaking, reading and writing, Stretch offers a focus on practical viewing and presenting skills.

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ng skills instill confidence in public speaking.

Viewing skills use BBC Worldwide Learning videos to teach media literacy for 21st-century success.

The skills practiced in Stretch are chosen to reflect the CEFR can-do statements and help students achieve success on standardized tests such as TOEIC.

Key features:
• Presenting skills instill confidence in public speaking
• Viewing skills teach media literacy for 21st-century success
• BBC Worldwide Learning videos engage and motivate students with rich, contemporary content
• Skills Snapshots ensure transparent and transferable learning outcomes
• Online Practice offers additional skill instruction and customizable practice that you can assign and track - up to 40 hours per level
• iTools Online transforms each Student Book and Workbook into a media-rich classroom presentation tool to maximize heads-up learning
• The Testing Program offers a variety of written and oral tests, preparing students for standardized tests
• Multi-Packs for teachers with fewer contact hours combine 50% of the Student Book with 50% of the Workbook
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STRETCH 3 - components

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Student Book with Online Practice 9780194603140£37.67 V£36.209780194603140 Book Depository - Shop Now
MultiPACK A 9780194603300£32.91 V£31.509780194603300 Book Depository - Shop Now
MultiPACK B 9780194603348£32.91 V£31.509780194603348 Book Depository - Shop Now
£16.609780194603263 Book Depository - Shop Now
Teacher's Book with Testing Program CD-ROM 9780194603423£103.709780194603423 Book Depository - Shop Now
Class Audio CDs 9780194603508£72.00 V£60.009780194603508 Book Depository - Shop Now
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What is a MultiPACK? It is the 1st or 2nd Half of the Student's Book bound with the relevant Half of the Workbook. Ideal for Short Courses.
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