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British English

Cheeky Monkey 1 Pupil's Book

Cheeky Monkey 1 Pupil's Book ISBN: 9780230011427
British English

Cheeky Monkey 1 Pupil's Book

Series: Cheeky Monkey
Author: Harper, Kathryn & Medwell, Claire
Publisher: Macmillan Education
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780230011427
Publication Date: 2009
Availability: In Stock In Stock
Level: A1 Beginner
Price: £19.00
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Cheeky Monkey is a three-level British English course for very young children. Adopting a flexible approach to teaching, the course is suitable for different teaching situations and the varied learning styles of such young learners. The central character of the course is Cheeky Monkey, a lively and fun-loving monkey who gets involved in all kinds of adventures and community-focused activities. The Cheeky Monkey Puppet and the stories and songs of the course help students to engage in English and....
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to relate Cheeky's adventures to their own lives and experiences and become truly involved in learning the language.

Key features:

• Play Mat, featuring Cheeky Monkey's town, provides a stimulating focal point for story time

• Press-outs can be used as characters, puppets and masks to review focus language

• Multi-ROM contains stories, games and songs learnt in class to practise at home

• Cheeky Monkey Puppet acts as a familiar character, putting children at ease

• Detailed Teacher's Notes with optional activities for teachers who have extra time

• TPR-style activities including action rhymes, mimes and Cheeky Monkey's Jungle Gym
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CHEEKY MONKEY 1 & 2 - components

British English


Pupil's Book
£19.00In Stock9780230011427
Busy Book 9780230011403£12.30In Stock9780230011403
Teacher's Book 9780230011410£24.40OS9780230011410
Class Audio CD 9780230011441£39.72 V£33.10In Stock9780230011441
DVD & Photocopiables CD-ROM 9780230730588£29.28 V£24.40In Stock9780230730588
Flashcards 9780230011465£18.60 V£15.50OS9780230011465
Story Cards 9780230011472£23.16 V£19.30In Stock9780230011472
Cheeky Monkey All Levels Play Mat 9780230039438£48.36 V£40.30OS9780230039438
Pupil's Book 9780230011496£19.00In Stock9780230011496
Busy Book 9780230011502£12.30In Stock9780230011502
Teacher's Book 9780230011526£24.40In Stock9780230011526
Class Audio CD 9780230011533£39.72 V£33.10In Stock9780230011533
DVD & Photocopiables CD-ROM 9780230730595£29.28 V£24.40In Stock9780230730595
Flashcards 9780230011557£18.60 V£15.50In Stock9780230011557
Story Cards 9780230011564£23.16 V£19.30In Stock9780230011564
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