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English World 10 (Secondary) Pupil's Book

English World 10 (Secondary) Pupil's Book ISBN: 9780230032552
British English

English World 10 (Secondary) Pupil's Book

Series: English World
Author: Bowen, M, Hocking, L & Wren, W
Publisher: Macmillan Education
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780230032552
Publication Date: 2013
Level: B1+ Intermediate
Publishers' UK Price: £17.60
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A visually stunning and innovative ten-level course from primary through to secondary

English World is a visually stunning ten-level course which will take children through from primary to secondary. Written by the authors of best-sellers Way Ahead and Macmillan English, English World combines best-practice methodology with innovative new features for the modern classroom.

Active whole-class learning is supported by vibrant posters and interactive activities on the DVD-ROM. Tho....
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rough grammar and skills work is applied in natural contexts in the real world, through dialogues and cross-curricular material.

English World provides a complete package for today's teachers and pupils.

The secondary levels of the course begin at A2+ and develop students' independent study skills, critical thinking and exam techniques.

• Check-in pages prepare students for the unit theme, and discussion tasks get them thinking about the topic
• Cross-cultural content means that students learn about the world around them through English
• The stories, topics and projects promote social values and citizenship
• The Teacher's Digibook adds an exciting dimension to classroom teaching, and contains teacher training videos and author interviews
• The Students' CD-ROM , packaged with the Workbook, gives students access to class audio, games and pronunciation activities
• The Exam Practice Book helps students with self-assessment and exam skills
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ENGLISH WORLD 9 & 10 (SECONDARY) - components

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Pupil's Book
£17.609780230032552 Book Depository - Shop Now
Exam Practice Book 9780230037038£12.009780230037038
Workbook & CD-ROM 9780230441347£16.259780230441347 Book Depository - Shop Now
Teacher's Book 9780230032590£24.459780230032590 Book Depository - Shop Now
Class Audio CDs (3) 9780230032477£46.32 V£38.609780230032477 Book Depository - Shop Now
DVD-ROM 9780230032330£54.18 V£45.159780230032330
Pupil's Book 9780230032545£17.609780230032545 Book Depository - Shop Now
Exam Practice Book 9780230032125£12.009780230032125 Book Depository - Shop Now
Workbook with CD-ROM 9780230441323£16.259780230441323 Book Depository - Shop Now
Teacher's Book 9780230032583£24.459780230032583
Class Audio CDs (3) 9780230032460£46.32 V£38.609780230032460 Book Depository - Shop Now
DVD-ROM 9780230032323£54.18 V£45.159780230032323 Book Depository - Shop Now
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