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British English

Analysing Conversation - An Introduction to Prosody

Analysing Conversation - An Introduction to Prosody ISBN: 9780230223455
British English

Analysing Conversation - An Introduction to Prosody

Author: Szczepek Reed, Beatrice
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780230223455
Publication Date: 2010
Level: Native Speaker / Teacher
Publishers' UK Price: £32.99
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Spoken interaction is impossible without prosody. Intonation, pitch register, tempo, rhythm, pausing, loudness and voice quality all contribute to the spontaneous negotiation process that is everyday talk.

This highly accessible introduction to the prosody and analysis of everyday conversation explains basic concepts and methods of interpretation using a wealth of examples from real-life conversations. Readers are introduced to the many conversational practices prosody plays a part in thr....
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ough sample analyses, all of which are available to listen to as downloadable audio files on the accompanying companion website:

Packed with authentic examples, practical suggestions for analysis, suggestions for further reading and a helpful glossary, this clear and comprehensive guide is essential reading for students and researchers alike.
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List of Tables and Figures
Pitch: Introduction
Pitch: Intonation
Pitch: Range and Register
Time: Sound and Syllable Duration
Speech Rate
Speech Rhythm
Voice Quality
Outlook: Future Issues in Research on Prosody in Conversation
Answers to Exercises
Appendix: Transcription Conventions
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