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British English

Beyond the Language Classroom

Beyond the Language Classroom ISBN: 9780230272439
British English

Beyond the Language Classroom

Author: Benson, Phil & Reinders, Havo (Eds)
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780230272439
Publication Date: 2011
Level: Native Speaker / Teacher
Publishers' UK Price: £89.99
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With the rapid growth of new environments for language education, out-of-class learning is beginning to rival classroom learning in importance. There is, therefore, a pressing need for research on language learning beyond the classroom to catch up with classroom learning research. As the first published work to deal exclusively with language learning outside conventional classrooms, Beyond the Language Classroom represents an important step in this direction.

Including a theoretical ov....
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erview of the field, 11 data-based case studies located in a variety of settings around the world, and practical advice on materials development for independent learning, the book addresses theoretical and practical questions that will be of interest not only to language professionals working with learners in out-of-class settings, but also to teachers and researchers with an interest in the role of teaching in out-of-class learning and its relationship to classroom pedagogy.
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Notes on Contributors
Introduction; P.Benson & H.Reinders
Language Learning and Teaching Beyond the Classroom: An Introduction to the Field; P.Benson
Family, Friends and Language Learning Beyond the Classroom: Social Networks and Social Capital in Language Learning; D.Palfreyman
Places for Learning: Technology-Mediated Language Learning Practices Beyond the Classroom; L.Kuure
From Milk Cartons to English Roommates: Context and Agency in L2 Learning Beyond....
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the Classroom; P.Kalaja, R.Alanen, A.Palviainen & H.Dufva
Affordances for Language Learning Beyond the Classroom; V.Menezes
Becoming Multilingual: An Ethnographic Approach to SLA Beyond the Classroom; D.Divita
Talk About Language Use: I Know a Little About Your Language; E.Zimmerman
A Possible Path to Progress: Out-Of-School English Language Learners in Sweden; P.Sundqvist
Teenagers Learning Languages Out of School: What, Why and How Do They Learn? How Can School Help Them?; S.Bailly
Older Language Learners, Social Learning Spaces, and Community; G.Murray
Tandem Learning In Virtual Spaces: Supporting Non-Formal and Informal Learning in Adults; U.Stickler & M.Emke
Home Tutor Cognitions and the Nature of Tutor-Learner Relationships; G.Barkhuizen
Materials Development for Language Learning Beyond the Classroom; H.Reinders
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