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British English

Captain Jack 1 Pupil's Book Pack

Captain Jack 1 Pupil's Book Pack ISBN: 9780230404540
British English

Captain Jack 1 Pupil's Book Pack

Series: Captain Jack
Author: Leighton, Jill & Mourao, Sandie
Publisher: Macmillan Education
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780230404540
Publication Date: 2012
Availability: In Stock In Stock
Level: A1 Beginner
Price: £21.70
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Captain Jack is a flexible, three-level, story-based course suitable for every teaching situation. Based on the adventures of the fun-loving parrot Captain Jack, it aims to help pupils become confident learners of English as they join Jack and friends on their discovery of the world around them. 'My World' lessons focus on crosscurricular areas and include real photos in the Pupil's Book and Flashcards. Captain Jack also works on basic competences in areas such as maths, art and ICT.

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• Cross-curricular topics make children more aware of the world around them
• Worksheet activities develop children's motor and cognitive skills with more challenging activities, such as matching, circling and sequencing
• Press-outs bring stories to life and are suitable for different learning styles
• The Captain Jack Puppet is ideal for working on class routines and practising target language
• Both the Captain Jack Plus Book and the standard book include a wealth of optional extras
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CAPTAIN JACK 1 & 2 - components

British English


Pupil's Book Pack
£21.70In Stock9780230404540
Pupil's Book Plus Pack 9780230404557£27.90In Stock9780230404557
Teacher's Notes 9780230404571£26.60In Stock9780230404571
Flip Over Book 9780230403918£87.009780230403918
Class Audio CD 9780230403932£46.32 V£38.60In Stock9780230403932
Flashcards 9780230403925£19.44 V£16.20OS9780230403925
Multimedia Pack DVD-ROM 9780230403864£12.84 V£10.70In Stock9780230403864
Photocopiable CD-ROM 9780230403901£10.32 V£8.60In Stock9780230403901
Parrot Puppet 9780230403963£16.20 V£13.50RP9780230403963
Pupil's Book Pack 9780230404588£21.70In Stock9780230404588
Pupil's Book Plus Pack 9780230404595£27.90OS9780230404595
Teacher's Notes 9780230404618£26.60In Stock9780230404618
Flip Over Book 9780230404021£87.00OS9780230404021
Class Audio CD 9780230404045£46.32 V£38.60In Stock9780230404045
Flashcards 9780230404038£19.44 V£16.20In Stock9780230404038
Multimedia Pack DVD-ROM 9780230403970£12.84 V£10.70In Stock9780230403970
Photocopiable CD-ROM 9780230404014£10.32 V£8.60OS9780230404014
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