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Straightforward (2nd Edition) Upper Intermediate Class Audio CDs (2)

Straightforward (2nd Edition) Upper Intermediate Class Audio CDs (2) ISBN: 9780230423428
British English

Straightforward (2nd Edition) Upper Intermediate Class Audio CDs (2)

Series: Straightforward (2nd Edition)
Author: Kerr, Philip & Jones, Ceri
Publisher: Macmillan Education
Format: Audio CD(s)
ISBN: 9780230423428
Publication Date: 2011
Level: B2 Upper Intermediate
Publishers' UK Price: £39.72  (£33.10 + £6.62 VAT) £33.10
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Straightforward has come of age and has been treated to a review, revamp and facelift. Much of the content has been updated and made more relevant.

What's new?
A lot of the content has been updated and made more relevant to our ever changing world. You'll find new topics, articles and exercises plus a fresh new design. You won't lose out on the old favourites though - they are still there with a facelift!

We've put a lot of emphasis on word lists and lexical features and....
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there is a vocabulary builder with activities from the new supporting online component.

The strength of the Teacher's Book has been built on with the addition of a Teacher's Resource disc that includes six 2-3 min video clips per level from the BBC and ITN, photocopiables and new methodology videos from Jim Scrivener's Learning Teaching 3rd Edition. There is a Teacher resource website with additional reading texts and teaching support.

The CEFR still plays a prominent part in the series and there is even clearer signposting and self assessment.

There is a new supporting online component - no more worries about installation or CD-ROMs sitting untapped at the back of the Student's book. The content of the previous CD-ROM is now accessible through a code in the Student's Book available via the website plus a whole host of other features such as...
• 130+ interactive activities per level
• Interactive word lists with pronunciation, bespoke practice straight to your inbox and the option to edit and add L1 definitions
• 12 video clips with interactive practice from the BBC and ITN
• A markbook facility that Teachers can link to and follow the students' progress

• pick-up-and-use practicality - great for new teachers
• Intuitive, easy-to-follow format
• Flexible and adaptable for more experienced teachers
• Supported by one of the most comprehensive Teacher's Books around
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