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Open Mind Pre-Intermediate Student's Book with Video-DVD

Open Mind Pre-Intermediate Student's Book with Video-DVD ISBN: 9780230458291
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Open Mind Pre-Intermediate Student's Book with Video-DVD

Series: Open Mind
Author: Taylore-Knowles, J, Rogers, M & Taylore-Knowles, S
Publisher: Macmillan Education
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780230458291
Publication Date: 2014
Level: B1 Pre-Intermediate
Publishers' UK Price: £30.00
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Open Mind is a groundbreaking course that provides learners with the professional, academic and personal skills they need. Not only are language skills developed in the course, but also 21st-century skills that students need in order to have a better awareness of self and society, to handle the demands of their study and learning and to deal with challenges in their work and career.

The course offers a flexible combination of materials to ensure that students are learning from a variety....
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of sources: content-rich reading texts, speaking and writing workshops, high-quality video, self-study Online Workbooks, and projectable Student's Books.

Key Features:
• Integrated and flexible online material from our new platform gives users the access to everything they need in one place
• Life Skills syllabus recycles languages while giving students an opportunity to learn skills which are vital in today's world
• Highly visual double-page spread opens every unit with clear CEFR orientated unit objectives.
• Grammar sections offer a step-by-step analysis of form and function
• Support for speaking tasks with functional language
• Speaking and Writing Workshops with self-and peer-assessment features at the end of alternate units
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