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British English

Macmillan Next Move Starter Class Audio CDs (2)

Macmillan Next Move Starter Class Audio CDs (2) ISBN: 9780230466272
British English

Macmillan Next Move Starter Class Audio CDs (2)

Series: Macmillan Next Move
Author: Cant, Amanda & Charrington, Mary
Publisher: Macmillan Education
Format: Audio CD(s)
ISBN: 9780230466272
Publication Date: 2013
Availability: In Stock In Stock
Level: A0 Starter
Price: £39.72  (£33.10 + £6.62 VAT) £33.10
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Macmillan Next Move is a seven-level course in British English for primary pupils that provides a realistic context for language learning by bringing real aspects of the world into the child's life, showing that language learnt in the classroom relates to the child's immediate world and beyond. Through personalisation and comparison, children develop cross-cultural awareness, and integrate new knowledge into their own experience to make language learning truly memorable.

Key Features:
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• A highly adaptable programme, with optional extension activities and digital components, offers flexibility to suit a wide range of class types and situations
• Unique openers give teachers a highly visual, emotionally engaging topic, with instructions in the Teacher's Book Pack on how to expand this into a full lesson
• Culture videos in the Teacher's Presentation Kit extend children's knowledge of other countries and cultures while reinforcing the target language
• The Teacher's Presentation Kit offers projectable page-faithful lessons for each page of the Pupil's Book, with embedded audio and video
• The stories promote social values, helping children to broaden their civic education
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British English


Pupil's Book with DVD-ROM 9780230466241Autumn Flash Sale - 35% Discount - While Stocks Last
(RRP UK £19.40)  Discount: 35%
£12.61In Stock9780230466241
Pupil's Book with DVD-ROM & eBook 9781786329776£19.69 V£19.40OS9781786329776
Workbook 9780230466258£18.90In Stock9780230466258
Teacher's Book Pack 9780230466265£28.27 V£25.70In Stock9780230466265
Teacher's Book Pack with eBook 9781786329769£28.45 V£25.70In Stock9781786329769
Teacher's Presentation Kit 9780230466296£34.92 V£29.10OS9780230466296
Class Audio CDs (2)
£39.72 V£33.10In Stock9780230466272
Pupil's Book with DVD-ROM 9780230466319£19.40In Stock9780230466319
Pupil's Book with DVD-ROM & eBook 9781786329783£19.69 V£19.40OS9781786329783
Workbook 9780230466326Autumn Flash Sale - 35% Discount - While Stocks Last
(RRP UK £18.90)  Discount: 35%
£12.28In Stock9780230466326
Teacher's Book Pack 9780230466333Autumn Flash Sale - 35% Discount - While Stocks Last
(RRP UK £25.94 V) (RRP UK £25.70)   Discount: 35%
£16.86 V£16.70In Stock9780230466333
Teacher's Book Pack with eBook 9781786329790£28.45 V£25.70In Stock9781786329790
Teacher's Presentation Kit 9780230466364£34.92 V£29.10In Stock9780230466364
Class Audio CDs (2) 9780230466340£39.72 V£33.10In Stock9780230466340
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