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Gateway (2nd Edition) A1+ Student's Book Pack

Gateway (2nd Edition) A1+ Student's Book Pack ISBN: 9780230473058
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Gateway (2nd Edition) A1+ Student's Book Pack

Series: Gateway (2nd Edition)
Author: Spencer, David
Publisher: Macmillan Education
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780230473058
Publication Date: 2016
Level: A1 Beginner
Publishers' UK Price: £31.30  (£31.00 + £0.30 VAT) £31.00
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Gateway 2nd Edition maintains the clear structure of the 1st Edition, including regular recycling of vocabulary and grammar and step-by-step development of writing and speaking skills. With exam practice and exam-style tasks embedded throughout the course, Gateway 2nd Edition supports students in preparation to excel in their exams. In addition, there is a strong focus on developing independent learning and thinking skills with new Life Skills lessons, flipped classroom videos and critical think....
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ing activities. Gateway 2nd Edition offers an extremely flexible digital package which includes a Presentation Kit, Test Generator, Teacher and Student's Resource Centres, Digital Student's Book, Online Workbook and Macmillan Sounds App.

Key Features:
• Flipped classroom grammar presentation videos from author Dave Spencer
• Gateway to Life Skills lessons, including academic skills, with video activities and collaborative projects and presentations
• Critical thinking activities within reading lessons
• Gateway to exams lessons every two units
• Exam success tips and exams success bank
• Study skills tips and study skills bank in the Workbook
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GATEWAY (2ND EDITION) A1+ - components

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Student's Book Pack
£31.30 V£31.009780230473058 Book Depository - Shop Now
Student's Book Premium Pack 9780230473072£37.88 V£37.209780230473072 Book Depository - Shop Now
Workbook 9780230470866£20.109780230470866 Book Depository - Shop Now
Teacher's Book Pack 9780230473065£58.08 V£55.809780230473065 Book Depository - Shop Now
Digital Student's Book (Internet Access Code Card) 9780230498457£35.13 V£31.009780230498457 Book Depository - Shop Now
Digital Student's Book Premium Pack (Internet Access Code Card) 9780230498464£42.78 V£37.209780230498464 Book Depository - Shop Now
Online Workbook Pack (Internet Access Code Card) 9780230480742£22.11 V£20.109780230480742 Book Depository - Shop Now
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