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British English

Dex the Dino Pupil's Book Pack

Dex the Dino Pupil's Book Pack ISBN: 9780230494534
British English

Dex the Dino Pupil's Book Pack

Series: Dex the Dino
Author: Mourao, Sandie & Medwell, Claire
Publisher: Macmillan Education
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780230494534
Publication Date: 2016
Availability: In Stock In Stock
Level: A0 Starter
Price: £24.75  (£24.50 + £0.25 VAT) £24.50
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Discover the world through English with Dex.

Discover, learn and play with English alongside the loveable dinosaur Dex! A three-level course, Discover with Dex provides a supportive and enjoyable learning context for young children.

The course follows a story-based approach and includes a full range of age-appropriate activities such as singing, acting and Total Physical Response (TPR), as well as developing early life skills such as cooperation and good behaviour and cognitive and....
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motor skills. Using a simple and unique 'encounter, engage and exploit' methodology ensures maximum input and productivity backed up by comprehensive teacher support.

Key Features:
• Development of early life skills such as cooperation and good behaviour provide an excellent foundation for primary education
• The integrated Teacher's Presentation Kit includes all your digital resources in one place, with a focus on digital literacy
• Exciting, language-rich lessons immerse pupils in English-speaking culture
• The Dex Magic Phonics tool ensures great pronunciation and is the first step towards life-long literacy skills
• The Plus edition provides extended vocabulary and content with added projects and extra features, plus a springboard to literacy via the optional Literacy Book
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DEX THE DINO - components

British English


Pupil's Book Pack
£24.75 V£24.50In Stock9780230494534
Pupil's Book Plus Pack 9780230494602£30.86 V£30.60In Stock9780230494602
Teacher's Book 9781786321473£50.38 V£45.80In Stock9781786321473
Presentation Kit 9780230447066£27.60 V£23.00RP9780230447066
Class Audio CD 9780230446991£33.12 V£27.60In Stock9780230446991
Flashcards 9780230447035£29.40 V£24.50OS9780230447035
Story cards 9780230447042£29.40 V£24.50OS9780230447042
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