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Busy Board Level 3 Interactive Whiteboard Software (IWB) CD-ROM

Busy Board Level 3 Interactive Whiteboard Software (IWB) CD-ROM ISBN: 9780230729872
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Busy Board Level 3 Interactive Whiteboard Software (IWB) CD-ROM

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Series: Busy Board
Publisher: Macmillan Education
Format: CD-ROM
ISBN: 9780230729872
Publication Date: 2008
Level: A2 Elementary
Price: £138.12  (£115.10 + £23.02 VAT) £115.10
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Interactive Whiteboard software for Primary

Topic-based Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) materials for the primary classroom that encourage active involvement in the classroom.
Containing a large range of activities drawn from language widely taught in primary schools with children from the age of five to 12, Busy Board will capture students' interest and their sense of fun. Ten beautifully illustrated topic areas and entertaining activities improve lexical and content knowledge through in....
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teractive games that get the students moving and motivated to learn. The software can be used as stand-alone material or as a complement to any primary coursebook.

Key features
• Platform neutral - can be used on Smart, Promethean, Hitachi or any type of IWB and with any operating system (Linux, Windows, Mac etc.)
• Most topic areas have the choice of five or more activities
• Teacher's information area for each topic lists the type of activity, the vocabulary items covered and a description of the activity to help teachers pick the most appropriate activity to complement their lesson
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BUSY BOARD - components

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