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British English

Memory Activities for Language Learning Book with CD-ROM

British English

Memory Activities for Language Learning Book with CD-ROM

Series: Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers
Author: Bilbrough, Nick
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780521132411
Publication Date: 2011
Availability: In Stock In Stock
Level: A1 Beginner to C1 Advanced
Price: £30.99  (£30.38 + £0.61 VAT) £30.38
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Alongside listening, speaking, reading and writing, memory underpins every aspect of successful language learning. Memory Activities for Language Learning explores the cognitive processes of memory and provides a bank of activities to facilitate their development. This book will help teachers discover what makes language memorable, as well as how to optimize learners' language memory by engaging and developing their abilities to recognize, notice, store, retrieve and reactivate language. Recent ....
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developments in psycholinguistics and corpus linguistics, including a renewed focus on the importance of acquiring a critical mass of lexis and phraseology as soon as possible, have made this practical advice even more critical. Photocopiable material for use in the classroom can be printed out from the accompanying CD-ROM.
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Thanks and acknowledgements

1. Mental stretching

1.1. Flash!

1.2. Reversed drilling

1.3. The broken telephone

1.4. Sentence swapping

1.5. Working-memory challenge

1.6. Waiters

1.7. Delayed TPR

1.8. What did you say again?

1.9. The longest sentence

1.10. Dialogue reconstruction

1.11. Learner-generated texts

1.12. Reordered story

1.13. Co-constructed storytelling

2. Making language memorable....
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2.1. memory strategies share

2.2. Word knowledge

2.3. Word patterns share

2.4. Associations

2.5. Real or imagined?

2.6. Well...this is my granddad

2.7. Pictorial links

2.8. A silly love story

2.9. Emotional chants

2.10. Celebrity rhyming poems

2.11. Body talk

2.12. Skeleton stories

2.13. Treasure hunt

2.14. Silly grammar

3. Retrieving

3.1. Mime race

3.2. Word cards

3.3. Vocabulary race

3.4. Jumbled chunk race

3.5. Guess our chunks

3.6. Hot seat

3.7. I reckon they'll know that

3.8. Gap-filling second time around

3.9. First-letter verb phrases

3.10. Guess the text

3.11. Languaging memories 1: the first time

3.12. Languaging memories 2: smellyvision

4. Repeating and reactivating

4.1. The tie shop joke

4.2. The three burglars magic trick

4.3. Anecdotes

4.4. Letters to the class

4.5. Choral chanting

4.6. The next word

4.7. I can't spell that!

4.8. Spontaneous translation

4.9. Retranslated text

4.10. Creating still images

4.11. Who said it? When?

4.12. That's not how I wrote it

4.13. Holiday snaps

4.14. Exaggerated accidents

4.15. Repeated role plays

4.16. Whose story is that?

4.14. The listeners

5. Memory techniques and mnemonics

5.1. Chants

5.2. Put it in my pocket

5.3. Where's the link

5.4. The story method

5.5. The keyword technique

5.6. Memory techniques survey

5.7. Mnemonics quiz

5.8. Memory techniques swap

5.9. Memory techniques activation

5.10. Acronyms for grammatical patterns

6. Learning by heart

6.1. Co-constructed conversations

6.2. Blocking a dialogue

6.3. Songs

6.4. Puns

6.5. News stories

6.6. Poems

6.7. Quotations

6.8. The sample answer recall game

7. Memory games

7.1. Kim's game

7.2. What's different?

7.3. Language chains

7.4. Remembering unusual sentences

7.5. Slap, clap, click, click

7.6. Pelmanism

7.7. Auditory Pelmanism

7.8. First-letter hints

7.9. The collocation game

7.10. The suffix game

References and further reading


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