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British English

Super Minds 3 Student's Book with DVD-ROM

British English

Super Minds 3 Student's Book with DVD-ROM

Series: Super Minds
Author: Gerngross, G, Puchta, H & Lewis-Jones, P
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780521221689
Publication Date: 2012
Availability: Usually Ships in 3 Working Days
Level: A1 Beginner
Price: £25.99  (£25.23 + £0.76 VAT) £25.23
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Super Minds is a seven-level course for young learners.

Super Minds, from a highly experienced author team, enhances your students' thinking skills, improving their memory along with their language skills.

This Level 3 Student's Book includes activities to develop language creatively, cross-curriculum thinking with fascinating 'English for school' sections and lively stories that explore social values.

The fabulous DVD-ROM features animated stories, interactive games and act....
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ivities including videokes, songs with karaoke versions, and fun activities focusing on each unit's vocabulary and grammar.
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COMPONENTS: SUPER MINDS 3 & 4British English
Student's Book with DVD-ROM
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Posters (Pack of 10) 9781107429802£29.99In Stock9781107429802
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