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British English

Games for Grammar Practice

British English

Games for Grammar Practice

Series: Cambridge Copy Collection
Author: Zaorob, M & Chin, E
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780521663427
Publication Date: 2001
Level: A2 Elementary to C1 Advanced
Publishers' UK Price: £43.99
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A resource book of grammar games and interactive activities.

Games for Grammar Practice is a teacher's resource book containing a selection of more than forty games and activities for grammar practice. The activities are designed to promote intensive and interactive practice with learners of all ages from elementary to advanced level. Photocopiable pages and step-by-step instructions provide instant supplementary activities for busy teachers. The emphasis on peer interaction and cooperati....
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on helps students find grammar practice meaningful and rewarding. The grammar areas covered in the book are all commonly found in courses, making the activities easy to slot into a lesson.
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1.1 Balloon tours
1.2 A day at home
1.3 Looking for a flatmate
1.4 Lend a hand
1.5 Time and again
2.1 Gotcha!
2.2 Everyday hazards
2.3 Sweet memories
3.1 Around Town
3.2 Snooping around
3.3 Before or after
4.1 What on earth ...?
4.2 Make it snappy
5.1 Easy rider
6.1 Nothing's perfect
6.2 Watch your step
6.3 Pick my good deed
6.4 The wish race
7.1 Who's got my message
8.1 Crazy cans
8.2 Let's go together
8.3 Spinning ideas
8.4 Toug....
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h luck
9.1 Something in common
9.2 Grown-ups!
9.3 Round the clock
10.1 Making friends
10.2 What's my answer?
10.3 All about us
10.4 Unique me
11.1 Pack 'n' go
11.2 Rain or shine
21.1 Verb trap
13.1 The preposition contest
13.2 you and I
13.3 Preposition checkers
14.1 Come one, come all
15.1 How do they compare
15.2 Three of a kind
16.1 What a mess!
16.2 Family album.
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