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British English

Challenge to Think with Answer Key

Challenge to Think with Answer Key ISBN: 9780952280880
British English

Challenge to Think with Answer Key

Author: Frank, C, Rinvolucri, M & Berer, M
Publisher: Intrinsic Books
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780952280880
Publication Date: 2008
Level: B1+ Intermediate
Publishers' UK Price: £9.95
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Why do the twins have nightmares about a kitchen?
Are schools like prisons?
And prisons like schools?
How did the company chairman get mixed up with storks?
What is the meaning of the 20,000 left foot shoes?

Provocative, amusing, controversial, baffling. Challenge to Think is a fascinatiing compendium of English language puzzles, problems, thinking games, questions & issues, to give intermediate students practice in vital language skills.

Part 1 Speaking: spoken exercis....
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es promote the asking of correct questions, statement analysis, intensive discussion & creative thinking, with exercises such as Puzzle Stories, Causes & Consequences and Switch Sentences.

Part 2 Reading & Speaking: students read & share opinions about stories, problems & issues, practising comprehension, logical thinking and self- expression, Exercises include Deduction Puzzles, Contradictions and Lies,
All Lies!

Part 3 Writing & Speaking: written solutions provide a basis for shared oral work. Exercises include Creative Drills, Describe Yourself and Finish the Story. Class time for the exercises in each section varies from 10 minutes to an hour.

Many of the exercises, particularly in the preliminary reading & writing stages, may easily be adapted for homework. The emphasis throughout the book however, is on spoken English. The development of strong relationships within the group or class, based on the sharing of problems, ideas & experience, is at the core of the book.

Teacher's Notes & a key are included.
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