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British English

An English Student's Handbook

An English Student's Handbook ISBN: 9780955635816
British English

An English Student's Handbook

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Author: Brierley, Clarice
Publisher: Language Post
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780955635816
Publication Date: 2007
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Level: B1+ Intermediate
Price: £9.30
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This book is a short collection of things English students learn and want to remember.

It is for learners who cannot easily find information in grammars, dictionaries and phrase books. Simple basics are listed, such as pronouns, verb forms, punctuation, numbers and times, comparative and superlative adjectives and even the words of Auld lang syne

There are 32 short reference sections with non-technical headings including:

Greetings, introductions A, an Punctuation Days, mon....
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ths, seasons Numbers in order Good, better, best I, me, myself At, in, on, by Strange plurals Write 2 words as 1 Go, went
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