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International English

The Art of Literary Conversation

The Art of Literary Conversation ISBN: 9780980345568
International English

The Art of Literary Conversation

Series: The Art of Conversation
Author: Howland, Louise & Lamb, Keith
Publisher: TAOC
Format: Cards
ISBN: 9780980345568
Publication Date: 2013
Level: A1 Beginner to C1 Advanced
Publishers' UK Price: £9.98  (£8.32 + £1.66 VAT) £8.32
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Diverting Literary Conversation for All

Now, there's a new way for readers to discuss their passions, with the release of a new game, The Art of Conversation: Literary Edition.

• Following the success of their original games, creators Louise Howland and Keith Lamb have adapted the concept to offer new angles and avenues to think, and talk, about books.
• TAOC comes with 300 starter questions plus a 32-page guidebook that includes informative and comprehensive endnotes.....
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• Carefully developed and researched by the creators, with the assistance of well-respected literature teacher Leila Bryant, there's plenty of scope to come up with your own questions. Like all TAOC editions, it's not a quiz - it's not about who knows the most. It's a communication tool that draws on your own experiences, thoughts and reactions to facilitate fascinating discussions.
• Even reluctant readers will be drawn in! Readers of all stages and ages will find themselves being educated, all in the name of fun.
• Ideal for book clubs, but can also be adapted to friends, family, workmates, students or even solitary readers.
• Covers all genres - fiction, poetry, drama, biography, autobiography, science fiction, fantasy, crime, romance, historical writing - essentially, the whole bookshop!

Perfect for many occasions, the informative 16 page communication booklet provides guidelines and many variations on TAOC, including a solo version.

The 104 cards provide 200 conversation topics, carefully created and tested to promote and stimulate communication, plus 4 blank cards for children to personalise.

TAOC is fun for everyone and is also a highly effective therapeutic and educational resource for families, therapists, counselors, teachers, speech pathologists, language teachers, coaches, church leaders and more.
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100 Cards and instruction booklet


International English


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