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International English

The Art of Christian Conversation

The Art of Christian Conversation ISBN: 9780980345599
International English

The Art of Christian Conversation

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Series: The Art of Conversation
Author: Howland, Louise & Lamb, Keith
Publisher: TAOC
Format: Cards
ISBN: 9780980345599
Publication Date: 2013
Level: A1 Beginner to C1 Advanced
Price: £9.98  (£8.32 + £1.66 VAT) £8.32
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A game to encourage conversation suitable for the language classroom.

The Art of Christian Conversation is an innovative and inspiring way for Christians, (and those exploring) to get to know themselves - and God - better. Carefully researched, tested, trialled and refined, TAOC Christian offers new angles and avenues to think about, and discuss, Christian faith and life.

With 300 Christian Communication-builders ranging from the profound to the light-hearted, plus a comprehensive ....
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Christian Communication Guidebook, TAOC makes it easy to share and discuss feelings, ideas and experiences related to faith and religious living in a harmonious way.
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The Art of Christian Conversation
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