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British English

Cambridge English Empower Upper Intermediate B2 Presentation Plus DVD-ROM

Cambridge English Empower Upper Intermediate B2 Presentation Plus DVD-ROM ISBN: 9781107468887
British English

Cambridge English Empower Upper Intermediate B2 Presentation Plus DVD-ROM

Series: Cambridge English Empower
Author: Doff, Adrian et al
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Format: DVD-ROM
ISBN: 9781107468887
Publication Date: 2015
Availability: In Stock In Stock
Level: B2 Upper Intermediate
Price: £145.98  (£121.65 + £24.33 VAT) £121.65
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Cambridge English Empower is a new general adult course that combines course content from Cambridge University Press with validated assessment from Cambridge English Language Assessment.

The course syllabus is informed by English Profile and the Cambridge English Corpus and is carefully benchmarked to the CEFR ensuring that students encounter the most relevant and useful language at the right point in their learning.

The course provides a unique mix of engaging classroom materials,....
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validated and reliable assessment, and personalised online practice.

With Cambridge English Empower Student's Book teachers can genuinely 'teach off the page' with little or no preparation time required.

Images and texts engage learners and there are also frequent opportunities for students to give a personal response, making learning memorable and relevant.

There is also a strong focus on productive skills with thorough preparation for effective real-world communication.

The role of assessment in Cambridge English Empower is unique and its learning-oriented approach means that assessment constantly informs and enhances learning. This means that students make consistent and measurable progress.

All test materials in Cambridge English Empower are written by Cambridge English Language Assessment - the world-leading experts in English language testing.

• Unit Progress Tests focus on the core grammar, vocabulary and functional language in each unit.

Unit Progress Test scores direct students to personalized extra practice activities that focus on the areas that will benefit them most.

• Cambridge English Empower also offers skills-based mid-course and end-of-course competency tests with unrivalled validity and reliability.

After the mid-course and end-of-course online tests, learners are provided with a unique CEFR report. This report reliably benchmarks them against the relevant CEFR level and provides clear evidence of progress made during the course.

All of the tests in Cambridge English Empower are delivered through the Cambridge Learning Management system.
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