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British English

Task-Based Language Teaching: Theory and Practice (Hardback)

Task-Based Language Teaching: Theory and Practice (Hardback) ISBN: 9781108494083
British English

Task-Based Language Teaching: Theory and Practice (Hardback)

Series: Cambridge Applied Linguistics
Author: Ellis, Rod et al
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781108494083
Publication Date: 2019
Level: Native Speaker / Teacher
Publishers' UK Price: £89.99
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Task-based language teaching is an approach which differs from traditional approaches by emphasising the importance of engaging learners' natural abilities for acquiring language incidentally through the performance of tasks that draw learners' attention to form. Drawing on the multiple perspectives and expertise of five leading authorities in the field, this book provides a comprehensive and balanced account of task-based language teaching (TBLT). Split into five sections, the book provides an ....
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historical account of the development of TBLT and introduces the key issues facing the area. A number of different theoretical perspectives that have informed TBLT are presented, followed by a discussion on key pedagogic aspects - syllabus design, methodology of a task-based lesson, and task-based assessment. The final sections consider the research that has investigated the effectiveness of TBLT, addresses critiques and suggest directions for future research. Task-based language teaching is now mandated by many educational authorities throughout the world and this book serves as a core source of information for researchers, teachers and students.

• Contains multiple perspectives and specialist knowledge which provides an authoritative account of different aspects of TBLT

• Written in an accessible style, the book is a core resource for a wide range of readers including teachers, researchers and students

• Provides readers with a single up-to-date source of information about task-based language teaching
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Part I. Introduction:
1. The pedagogic background to task-based language teaching

Part II. Theoretical Perspectives:
2. Cognitive-interactionist perspectives
3. Psycholinguistic perspectives
4. Sociocultural perspectives
5. Psychological perspectives
6. Educational perspectives

Part III. Pedagogical Perspectives:
7. Task-based syllabus design
8. Methodology of task-based language teaching
9. Task-based testing and assessment

Part IV.....
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Investigating TBLT Programmes:
10. Comparative method studies
11. Evaluating task-based language teaching

Part V. Moving Forward:
12. Responding to the critics of task-based language teaching
13. Questions, challenges, and the future.
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