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Reading for Today (3rd Edition) 1 - Themes - Audio CD

Reading for Today (3rd Edition) 1 - Themes - Audio CD ISBN: 9781111056537
American English

Reading for Today (3rd Edition) 1 - Themes - Audio CD

Series: Reading for Today
Author: Mare, Nancy Nici & Smith, Lorraine C
Publisher: National Geographic Learning
Format: Audio CD(s)
ISBN: 9781111056537
Publication Date: 2010
Level: A2 Elementary
Publishers' UK Price: £39.60  (£33.00 + £6.60 VAT) £33.00
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Themes for Today is the first in a five-level academic skills program that systematically develops students' reading and vocabulary skills through engaging themes and comprehensive practice. The Reading for Today series teaches essential reading strategies like skimming, scanning, fact-finding, and paraphrasing, and gives students opportunities to talk and write about what they've read. The new edition of this best-selling series helps learners build solid skills for academic success!

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• Updated readings of universal interest, including cutting edge topics such as the role technology plays in families as well as saving lives with robotics, engage readers.
• Systematic vocabulary development in every chapter helps learners build vocabulary and apply vocabulary development skills through:
• "Vocabulary in Context" sections.
• "Word Forms" sections.
• "Word Partnership" boxes from the Collins COBUILD dictionaries.
• "Dictionary Skills" sections.
• "Critical Thinking" sections teach critical thinking skills necessary for academic success.
• Assessment CD-ROM with ExamView includes one additional reading per chapter, providing reading and vocabulary practice.
• Four-color design makes navigation easy for students.
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