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World Wonders 4 Grammar Student's Book

World Wonders 4 Grammar Student's Book ISBN: 9781111218232
British English

World Wonders 4 Grammar Student's Book

Series: World Wonders
Author: Green, A
Publisher: Heinle
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781111218232
Publication Date: 2010
Level: B1 Pre-Intermediate
Publishers' UK Price: £19.00
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World Wonders is a three-level series for 9-11 year olds that capitalises on National Geographic photography and facts via reading texts and DVD clips. It also features an exciting adventure cartoon story for Levels 1 & 2. The course is structured aroud the Student's Books that contain twelve eight-page core units plus six review units.

• Stunning National Geogrpahic photos used in unit openers and Lesson 2s
• Episodes of the cartoon story in Lesson 1s that are a....
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ge appropriate
• Cross-curricular non-fiction reading texts in Lesson 2s that are inspired by National Geographic content
• Reading texts in Lesson 3s that brings the theme of each unit down to student's reality
• Vocabulary taught in context and in word sets
• Concise grammar presentations and tasks
• Say it like this! (functional language)
• Sounds of English (pronunciation)
• Guess what! (non-fiction trivia)
• Strong writing sub-skill syllabus (punctuation, connectors, reference words, etc)
• Memorable, catchy songs that make learning fun
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WORLD WONDERS 4 - components

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