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British English

Speakout (2nd Edition) Intermediate * PLUS * MyEnglishLab (Internet Access Code)

Speakout (2nd Edition) Intermediate * PLUS * MyEnglishLab (Internet Access Code) ISBN: 9781292212371
British English

Speakout (2nd Edition) Intermediate * PLUS * MyEnglishLab (Internet Access Code)

Series: Speakout (2nd Edition)
Publisher: Pearson ELT
Format: Internet Access Code
ISBN: 9781292212371
Publication Date: 2018
Level: B1+ Intermediate
Publishers' UK Price: £19.20  (£16.00 + £3.20 VAT) £16.00
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The new Plus levels give those students who need it more time to progress and achieve their objectives using fresh material.

Intermediate Plus helps students progress along the intermediate plateau effectively.

• It is for new students who are at the upper end of intermediate and for existing students who are progressing through intermediate and need new material to motivate them.

• Intermediate Plus extends the vocabulary of Intermediate and r....
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evisits key language areas that are known to be problematic for learners at that level. It covers more challenging areas of language and skills, and more subtleties of meaning in the grammar.

Speakout 2nd Edition is a six level English course for adult learners taking students from CEF A1 to C1.

Using content from the BBC to engage students and make teaching easier, Speakout 2nd edition builds the skills and knowledge students need to communicate confidently in English as it is spoken.


Students' Book with DVD-ROM
The Students' Book has a motivating DVD spread at the end of every unit.
Based on authentic clips from the BBC's rich archive, these lessons are designed to consolidate language and act as a springboard for further speaking and writing tasks. It follows a balanced approach to topics, language development and skills work. Speaking activities are prominent, but not at the expense of the other core skills of reading, writing and listening, which are developed systematically throughout.

• Twelve units with 90 to 120 hours of teaching material.
• Comprehensive Language Bank with detailed explanations and extra practice.
• Photo bank to expand vocabulary
• Audio and video scripts
• Refreshed with new visuals and broadened texts, including content from the BBC and other sources. Clearer design allows for easier navigation.
• Revised vocabulary syllabus with more recycling of language.
• Clear signposting on the page to make teaching and learning easier.
• The BBC video clips in each unit are unique to Speakout. The most popular clips from the 1st edition have been retained but new material from the BBC has been added to engage and motivate learners.
• GSE/CEFR mapping helps students track their progress and see the relevance of what they are learning.
• New pronunciation sections provide a stronger syllabus with a wider range of features.

Flexi (Split Edition)
Flexi Student's Books contain half a student book combined with half the relevant workbook. Flexi books are perfect for intensive English language courses. They make it easier to offer short courses over summer, or continuous enrollment throughout the year. They also help students get the value they are looking for.

The workbook contains a wide variety of review and practice exercises and covers all of the language areas in the corresponding Students' Book unit.
It also contains regular review sections to help learners consolidate what they have learned.

• Additional grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation exercises to complement material in the Students' Book.
• Additional functional language practice exercises.
• Additional reading, listening and writing practice.
• Regular review and check sections.
• Versions available with and without key.
• Audio material to practise listening, pronunciation and functional language available online.

• Features improved functionality, including provision of learner feedback, making it easier for teachers and learners to track their levels of achievement through each level and through the course.

• Provides a fully blended and personalised learning environment that benefits both teachers and learners.
• Interactive Workbook with instant feedback and automatic gradebook.
• A common error report that highlights mistakes learners make.
• Tips and feedback that direct learners to reference materials and encourage them to work out answers themselves.
• Extra practice in grammar, vocabulary and skills.
• Unit and achievement tests.
• Mid and end of course tests.
• BBC interviews.
• Interactive worksheets for BBC interviews.

Teacher's Book and Resource and Assessment Disc
The comprehensive Teacher's Book contains detailed notes and extra materials - everything teachers need to make the most of the course.

• Teacher's notes for every unit with warmers, fillers,
• alternative suggestions, culture notes and answer keys.
• Generic teaching tips on useful areas such as grammar, lexis, pronunciation, using video etc.
• Photocopiable grammar, vocabulary and functional language worksheets for every unit.
• Class audio and video scripts.
• Unit and achievement tests.
• Mid and end of course tests.
• Test audio, audio scripts and answer keys.

ActiveTeach contains everything you need to help the course come alive in the classroom.
• It includes integrated whiteboard software that allows you to add notes, embed files, save your work and reduce preparation time.
• Answers to exercises are revealed at the touch of a button.
• Audio and video content fully integrated with time-coded scripting.
• Shortcuts to the relevant pages of the Language Bank and Photo Bank make navigation easy.
• Extra resources section includes editable scripts, a range of grammar and vocabulary worksheets, BBC interviews for every unit with accompanying worksheets.
• Grammar and vocabulary review games.
• Test master containing all the course tests.
• Useful tools include a regular keyboard, a phonetic keyboard, a stopwatch and score card.

Class Audio CDs
Audio material for use in class.

Speakout EXTRA
Online Speakout Extra provides a bank of additional downloadable exercises.
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British English


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