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British English

Focus (2nd Edition) 5 Student's Book with Basic Pearson Practice English App

Focus (2nd Edition) 5 Student's Book with Basic Pearson Practice English App ISBN: 9781292301952
British English

Focus (2nd Edition) 5 Student's Book with Basic Pearson Practice English App

Series: Focus (2nd Edition)
Author: Kay, Sue et al
Publisher: Pearson ELT
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781292301952
Publication Date: 2020
Level: C1 Advanced
Publishers' UK Price: £31.68  (£30.00 + £1.68 VAT) £30.00
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Language: British English

Levels: 5

Teaching hours: 3-5 hours per week


GSE: 32-78

Success in and out of the classroom

Focus Second Edition is an even richer version of the best-selling English language learning series for upper secondary students.

The new course retains the best of the first edition - a unique vocabulary building programme and the 3Ms methodology. It enhances this with BBC video content and more thorough Use of ....
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English preparation, to offer everything teachers and students need to achieve success, in and out of the classroom.

With Focus Second Edition students will be motivated and engaged by the authentic content; they will be strong in all language and life skills, and prepared well for achieving great exam results.

Responding to students' and teachers' needs

Focus Second Edition retains what students and teachers highly valued in the first edition, and enhances it with authentic video content, including BBC videos and Focus vlogs.

This valuable, up-to-date content, along with plenty of new ideas and improvements, make the new edition a perfect fit for today's teenagers and their busy teachers.

The 3Ms methodology

Focus Second Edition is built upon motivation, memory and meaning: three principles that are specifically relevant to teenage learners. This reliable, tried and tested approach has been revised to deliver what today's students need.

The new edition has been fully upgraded with many new features to make the content memorable, the themes meaningful and the learning process motivating.

What's new

Thanks to feedback received from Focus users worldwide the course now offers everything teachers asked for, and that today's students need to achieve true success, whether in their exams, or in their future academic, professional and social lives.

• New authentic BBC videos - 41 new, natural-language videos accompanied by video worksheets.

• New Focus Grammar Vlog videos - 32 new grammar vlogs with corresponding worksheets.

• New vocabulary and reading lessons - up-to-date content with themes and topics students will be interested in.

• More Use of English - extended opportunities for Use of English practice across all components.

• More writing practice - extended writing section for more contextualised and thorough practice.

• More speaking and personalisation activities - clearly signposted personalised speaking activities for more targeted practice.

• More listening practice - more audio recordings provide increased opportunities to practice listening comprehension and receptive skills.

Solid exam preparation

Focus Second Edition is a tried-and-tested series that gives your students the practice they need to succeed in their national and popular international English exams.

It provides students with regular opportunities to try exam-style tasks, tips and strategies available across all course components. Teachers can benefit from a thorough Assessment Package that includes a wide range of tests which can be used at different points in the course.
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FOCUS (2ND EDITION) 5 - components

British English


Student's Book with Basic Pearson Practice English App
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