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Give Me Five! 1 Pupil's Book Pack

Give Me Five! 1 Pupil's Book Pack ISBN: 9781380013484
British English

Give Me Five! 1 Pupil's Book Pack

Series: Give Me Five!
Author: Shaw, D et al
Publisher: Macmillan Education
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781380013484
Publication Date: 2018
Level: A0 Starter
Publishers' UK Price: £23.53  (£23.30 + £0.23 VAT) £23.30
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Give Me Five! is an engaging 6-level primary course with a strong focus on collaboration and 21st century skills. The dynamic and fun content keeps students motivated to reach learning goals and achieve success in external exams.

Designed to engage and build students' confidence as they learn to communicate, Give Me Five! provides unique opportunities for both free and controlled speaking practice across a range of contexts. Participation, learner autonomy and social competency all take....
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centre stage in order to help young learners reach their true potential.

Key Features:
• Hands-on projects develop teamwork, collaboration, creativity and thinking skills.
• Cross-curricular links to other subjects lay strong foundations for future bilingual programmes.
• The Teacher's Book and Navio provide practical solutions for mixed level and mixed-ability classes.
• Integrated exam practice and additional resources, including videos of Trinity and Cambridge English mock exams, help familiarise children with exam techniques.
• Memorable songs, adventurous stories and classroom games make learning enjoyable.
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GIVE ME FIVE! 1 - components

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