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Language Hub Elementary Student's Book with Navio App

Language Hub Elementary Student's Book with Navio App ISBN: 9781380016706
British English

Language Hub Elementary Student's Book with Navio App

Series: Language Hub
Author: Maggs, Pete & Smith, Catherine
Publisher: Macmillan Education
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781380016706
Publication Date: 2019
Level: A2 Elementary
Publishers' UK Price: £37.95  (£33.00 + £4.95 VAT) £33.00
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Language Hub is a new six-level general English course for adult learners designed to take the complexity out of teaching English. It promotes effective communication and helps to build learners' confidence with regular opportunities for meaningful practice.

With Language Hub, producing interesting and motivating lessons has never been easier. At its core is a well-balanced skills syllabus with clear learning outcomes using a range of interesting topics, and a functional language strand....
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presented through an entertaining video series. The Teacher's Book makes lesson preparation intuitive with annotated 'teach-off-the-page' lessons supported by tips and ideas taken from the award-winning Macmillan Books for Teachers series.

Key Features:
• With its firm pedagogic foundation and syllabus aligned to the revised CEFR, Language Hub has clear learning outcomes which help students understand the usefulness of the language they are learning.
• Comprehensive video content includes an engaging 'sitcom' series providing realistic models for learners' own language production, and additional authentic video content offering further input for practice.
• The Writing lessons in the Student's Book help learners improve their communicative writing skills and cover a range of genres aligned to the topic in each unit of the course.
• The Student's App offers learners quick and flexible practice opportunities when and where they need it, and also provides exposure to target language for class preparation and consolidation.
• The Teacher's App helps to deliver content in a simple-to-use lesson pathway designed for easy presentation and truly engaging lessons.
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Student's Book with Navio App
£37.95 V£33.009781380016706 Book Depository - Shop Now
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What is a Split Edition? It is the 1st or 2nd Half of a Student's Book. Ideal for Short Courses.
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