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Mimi's Wheel 2 Pupil's Book Plus with Navio App

Mimi's Wheel 2 Pupil's Book Plus with Navio App ISBN: 9781380027016
British English

Mimi's Wheel 2 Pupil's Book Plus with Navio App

Series: Mimi's Wheel
Author: Read, Carol
Publisher: Macmillan Education
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781380027016
Publication Date: 2019
Availability: In Stock In Stock
Level: A1 Beginner
Price: £35.97  (£32.70 + £3.27 VAT) £32.70
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Mimi's Wheel is a 3-level course designed to give teachers all the tools they need to successfully manage groups of energetic pre-primary learners. With the engaging stories that pupils will instantly fall in love with, and the optimum Level of support, teaching becomes both effective and enjoyable.

With the unique Hop on & Hop off approach teachers can either hop on and follow the unit sequence as it appears in the course, or hop off to cover them in the order they choose, aligning the E....
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nglish course content to any first language syllabus. Adjusting the material to the number of contact hours and expected learner outcomes is also easy with the standard and Plus versions of Mimi's Wheel available, making the course fully flexible and reducing preparation time.

• Written by Carol Read, the award-winning young learners expert, Mimi's Wheel guarantees sound pedagogy that works in the classroom, with simple to implement teaching ideas that make learning fun for pupils and teachers alike.

• Engaging animated stories and videos featuring the adorable Meerkat family and real children help to prepare young learners for primary education and promote life skills and values such as 'sharing' or 'helping others'.

• With all resources in one place, available at a touch of a button, including Tap & Teach lessons powered by Navio, teachers can deliver clearly sequenced lessons requiring minimum preparation.

• A series of teacher training videos with demonstrations of classroom routines and tips equip both novice and more experienced teachers with instant skills and knowledge about teaching very young learners.

• Games and rewards in the Student App powered by Navio provide engaging language practice and also motivate pupils to learn English outside the classroom.

Navio App:

Mimi's Wheel comes alive in this well designed digital environment. Navio helps teachers and students use the full potential of the course and additional resources,including instant Tap & Teach lessons, presentation tools game-based practice and classroom rewards system.
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MIMI'S WHEEL 2 & 3 - components

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