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British English

Way Ahead 5 Pupil's Book

Way Ahead 5 Pupil's Book ISBN: 9781405059183
British English

Way Ahead 5 Pupil's Book

Series: Way Ahead
Author: Ellis, P et al
Publisher: Macmillan Education
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781405059183
Publication Date: 2005
Level: B1+ Intermediate
Publishers' UK Price: £17.60
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This popular six-level course has now been revised to make it even more accesible and appealing to young learners of English.

Key features of this NEW EDITION

NEW All books have been redesigned to include more photographs, giving a fresher, more modern look to the course
NEW General content has been updated, e.g. using computers in the classroom and at home
NEW Scope and Sequence at the beginning of each Pupil's Book make it easy for children and parents to follow the syllabu....
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s. All books now include word lists.
NEW The Grammar Practice books have been expanded to provide even more recycling and revision, plus a new section on handwriting skills
NEW More cross-curricular Reading for Pleasure pages at each level, with detailed teacher notes, which can make a complete lesson or mini project
NEW A new Story Audio Cassette for each level which contains all the Reading for Pleasure pages. it offers an enjoyable way to consolidate and develop reading, listening and pronunciation skills. Story Audio Cassettes for Levels 1-3 also contain the material from the accompanying Way Ahead Readers
PLUS Key features of the old edition that pupils and teachers know and love

Imaginative and fun child-centered activities which reinforce language work
Topics which are relevant and appealing to children's interest
A strong grammar syllabus which is clearly presented and practised
Reading, writing, listening and speaking skills which are dealt with systematically
Way Ahead Readers, providing reading practice
Comprehensive support for the teacher

Teacher's Book - full teaching notes and particular help with teaching the alphabet, plus extension activities and photocopiable tests
Teacher's Resource Book - 50 photocopiable activities including cut-out activities, paper crafts and finger puppets (the Teacher's Resource Books at level 4-6 are now combined with the main Teacher's Books)
Posters - for practising vocabulary and structures, playing games, and for reading and writing practice
Flashcards - for presenting new vocabulary
Alphabet Frieze - for introducing and reinforcing alphabet sounds
Way ino English - comprehensive Starter Book practising handwriting
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WAY AHEAD 5 & 6 - components

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Pupil's Book
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Practice Book 9781405059237£11.909781405059237 Book Depository - Shop Now
Workbook 9781405059190£13.859781405059190
Teacher's Book 9781405059206£17.609781405059206
Story Audio CD 9780230715141£34.50 V£28.759780230715141
Teacher's Book Audio CD 9780230039995£27.84 V£23.209780230039995
CD-ROM 9781405062374£43.44 V£36.209781405062374 Book Depository - Shop Now
Pupil's Book 9781405059244£17.609781405059244 Book Depository - Shop Now
Pupil's Book with CD-ROM 9780230409781£22.92 V£20.209780230409781
Practice Book 9781405059299£11.909781405059299 Book Depository - Shop Now
Workbook 9781405059251£13.859781405059251
Teacher's Book 9781405059268£17.609781405059268
Story Audio CD 9780230715165£34.50 V£28.759780230715165 Book Depository - Shop Now
Teacher's Book Audio CD 9780230715158£27.84 V£23.209780230715158
CD-ROM 9781405062381£43.44 V£36.209781405062381 Book Depository - Shop Now
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