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Category: Courses (Adult / Young Adult) Main UK Pre-Intermediate B1 NEW INSIDE OUT PRE-INTERMEDIATE
British English

New Inside Out Pre-Intermediate Student's Book and CD-ROM

New Inside Out Pre-Intermediate Student's Book and CD-ROM ISBN: 9781405099547
British English

New Inside Out Pre-Intermediate Student's Book and CD-ROM

Series: New Inside Out
Author: Kay, S et al
Publisher: Macmillan Education
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781405099547
Publication Date: 2008
Availability: In Stock In Stock
Level: B1 Pre-Intermediate
Price: £29.70
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New Inside Out takes all the best aspects of the original series, including the emphasis on personalisation and meaning, and adds a host of brand-new features. Sue Kay and Vaughan Jones have gone back to the classroom to write this new edition, working with teachers and students to find out exactly what works in the real world.

Now a complete six-level course it is one of the most relevant and exciting general English courses available. The structuring of learning around personalised exe... [more]rcises means that everything is integrated: grammar, language, speaking and writing skills all link together. Teachers can access a wealth of tools, materials and ideas that make English inspiring to teach and inspiring to learn.

There are now 6 pages of 'core' content per unit, plus extra pages which comprise the additional syllabus.

Useful phrases - a language bank of practical English, built up unit-by-unit, to provide students with the key language they need outside the classroom.

Vocabulary Extra pages - Recycles the key vocabulary from the previous unit and provides the student with a wordlist of useful vocabulary to refer to.

Grammar sections - New Inside Out provides the support teachers need for the effective teaching of grammar. There are two comprehensive grammar sections in every unit. In addition, students are referred to the Grammar Extra section at the back of the student's book for extended explanations and practice.

Clear signposting - New design features makes navigating round the page even easier, with colour-coded, concise headings.

• Comes with multimedia CD-ROM, providing extra interactive practice, at home or in school
• "Useful Phrases" and "Vocabulary Extra" sections provide real-world language for use outside the classroom
• Updated topics engage students and bring the books up to date
• Expanded grammar sections offer comprehensive coverage of key language point, whilst the new "Grammar Extra" sections recycle and review this language [less]
Student's Book and CD-ROM
£29.70In Stock9781405099547
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Digital Single User (Whiteboard Software) 9781405099561£31.56 V£26.30RU9781405099561
Digital Multiple User (20 Users) (Whiteboard Software) 9780230400177£94.56 V£78.80In Stock9780230400177
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