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British English

Mathematical Studies for the IB Diploma (2nd Edition)

Mathematical Studies for the IB Diploma (2nd Edition) ISBN: 9781444180176
British English

Mathematical Studies for the IB Diploma (2nd Edition)

Series: Hodder IB Diploma
Author: Wall, Terry & Pimentel, Ric
Publisher: Hodder Education
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781444180176
Publication Date: 2012
Level: C2 Advanced
Publishers' UK Price: £38.00
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Teach with greater confidence with the most accurate guide available, featuring content structured exactly to the latest syllabus, integrated support for Graphic display calculators and past IB exam paper questions.

This text covers the syllabus content exactly and takes the same accessible, IB led approach of the first edition. It features end of topic sections highlighting the applications of Mathematics, as well as providing ideas for the IA project and links to the Theory of Knowled....
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ge. Innovative digital support is also provided for free online.

- Reinforce concepts away from the classroom with individual, step-by-step support available online, alongside GeoGebra activities and worked solutions

- Deliver lessons that engage with the IB philosophy, with project ideas and TOK links in every topic

- Prepare your students for assessment with past IB exam paper questions and content structured exactly to the syllabus
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Presumed knowledge assessments

Introduction to the graphic display calculator

Using a graphic display calculator

Topic 1 Number and algebra

1.1 Sets of numbers

1.2 Approximation

1.3 Standard form

1.4 SI units of measurement

1.5 Currency conversions

1.6 Graphical solution of equations

1.7 Arithmetic sequences and series

1.8 Geometric sequences and series

1.9 Simple interest and compound interes....
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Topic 2 Descriptive statistics

2.1 Discrete and continuous data

2.2 Displaying simple discrete data

2.3 Grouped discrete or continuous data

2.4 Cumulative frequency

2.5 Measures of central tendency

2.6 Measures of dispersion

Topic 3 Logic, sets and probability

3.1 Logic

3.2 Sets and logical reasoning

3.3 Truth tables

3.4 Implication



contrapositive and logical equivalence

3.5 Set theory

3.6 Probability

3.7 Combined events

Topic 4 Statistics

4.1 The normal distribution

4.2 Scatter diagrams, bivariate data and linear correlation

4.3 The regression line for y on x

4.4 The ?^2 test for independence

Topic 5 Geometry and trigonometry

Revision of coordinates

5.1 Straight lines

5.2 Right-angled trigonometry

5.3 Trigonometry and non-right-angled triangles

5.4 Geometry of three-dimensional solids

5.5 Volumes and surface areas of three-dimensional solids

Topic 6 Functions

6.1 A function as a mapping

6.2 Linear functions and their graphs

6.3 Quadratic functions and their graphs

6.4 Exponential functions and their graphs

6.5 The reciprocal function and higher order polynomials

6.7 Solving unfamiliar equations graphically

Topic 7 Introductory differential calculus

7.1 Gradient

7.2 Differentiation

7.3 The gradient of a curve at a given point

7.4 Increasing and decreasing functions

7.5 Stationary points

Revision exercises

Answers to exercises and student assessments

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