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British English

Big English 1 Pupil's Book

Big English 1 Pupil's Book ISBN: 9781447951261
British English

Big English 1 Pupil's Book

Series: Big English
Author: Herrera, Mario & Sol Cruz, Christopher
Publisher: Pearson ELT
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781447951261
Publication Date: 2014
Availability: In Stock In Stock Usually Ships in 4 Working Days
Level: A1 Beginner
Price: £22.00
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Big English gives you the most complete English course combined with the very best of technology. It gives you everything you need for your lessons so that you have time to focus on what you do best - teach.

• Big English is perfect for a well-balanced approach to teaching English. Ready-made Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) lessons and those all important 21st Century Skills help you to challenge students to be creative, think critically and collaborate.

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Big English is the only primary level course that uses ground-breaking Assessment for Learning techniques. These techniques help you pinpoint where students need help. It's a great way to get students more involved in the learning process to become more effective learners.

• Big English takes the pain out of preparing for your class as it gives you all the materials you need to run each lesson. Track individual student progress so you can personalise your teaching for them.

• Big English is the first primary programme to integrate with MyEnglishLab, which includes fun games, videos and puzzles that are great at capturing the attention of energetic young learners. Personalise tests and assessments for each student and check their progress quickly and easily.
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BIG ENGLISH 1 & 2 - components

British English


Pupil's Book
£22.00In Stock9781447951261
Pupil's Book with MyEnglishLab 9781447971719£29.20 V£27.00In Stock9781447971719
Activity Book 9781447950523£11.00In Stock9781447950523
Teacher's Book 9781447950660£22.00In Stock9781447950660
Audio CD 9781447950547£12.00 V£10.00In Stock9781447950547
Flashcards 9781447950530£18.00 V£15.00In Stock9781447950530
Pupil's MyEnglishLab Internet Access Code 9781447972556£11.52 V£9.60In Stock9781447972556
Pupil's (eText) 9781447951124£21.60 V£18.00In Stock9781447951124
Teacher's (eText on CD-ROM) 9781447950516£21.60 V£18.00In Stock9781447950516
Teacher's (eText with MyEnglishLab) 9781447972549£32.40 V£27.00RU9781447972549
Pupil's Book 9781447951278£22.00In Stock9781447951278
Pupil's Book with MyEnglishLab 9781447971726£29.20 V£27.00In Stock9781447971726
Activity Book 9781447950585£11.00In Stock9781447950585
Teacher's Book 9781447950615£22.00In Stock9781447950615
Audio CD 9781447950608£12.00 V£10.00In Stock9781447950608
Flashcards 9781447950592£18.00 V£15.00In Stock9781447950592
Pupil's MyEnglishLab Internet Access Code 9781447972570£11.52 V£9.60In Stock9781447972570
Pupil's (eText) 9781447951131£21.60 V£18.00RU9781447951131
Teacher's (eText on CD-ROM) 9781447950578£21.60 V£18.00In Stock9781447950578
Teacher's (eText with MyEnglishLab) 9781447972563£32.40 V£27.00RU9781447972563
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